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01 februari 2024

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01 March 2024

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Making investment decisions wisely is crucial for achieving optimal returns and managing risk. LegacyX offers a compelling alternative to traditional investment avenues like the S&P 500, gold, and savings accounts, with a unique blend of stability, profitability, and risk mitigation.

LegacyX operates through a PAMM account, making forex trading accessible to everyone. With a PAMM account, you can automatically replicate trades made by skilled traders without needing trading knowledge or skills. There are no additional fees to join, and your money stays in your own account, with full withdrawal contro

Moreover, LegacyX offers an extra layer of protection with a broker compensation fund of up to $30,000, ensuring some safeguarding in case of unforeseen events.

Choosing LegacyX means hassle-free investing. You can potentially grow your money in the forex market without the need for market analysis or trading expertise. It's a straightforward way to invest and potentially increase your wealth.


The hedge fund aims to make investing clear and easy for everyone, focusing on being fair and efficient. Here's a simple overview of the main rules to help you understand better.

When you trade with LegacyX, there's a performance fee taken from your profits each week. This fee helps cover the costs of managing the hedge fund and keeping our operations going. We believe in fairness and transparency, so we'll explain how the fee is calculated and what it means for your returns.

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  • Performance Fee Deduction: Let's say you have a trading account with $10,000. If you make a 1% profit, so $100, 40% of this profit is a performance fee for the hedge fund management. This means you'll receive a net amount of $60, while $40 goes to the hedge fund.
  • High Water Mark: LegacyX implements a high watermark policy. This means that if there's a loss trade, you'll only start paying the performance fee again once your trading account reaches the high watermark.
  • Minimal Deposit: To participate in the hedge fund, the minimum deposit required is $1,000. It is possible to hold your trading account in BTC as well. The minimum deposit required for BTC is 0.05.
  • No Lock-in Period: There's no lock-in period for the deposit funds, and they can be withdrawn immediately. The funds will always be available for withdrawal, providing flexibility and accessibility for the investor.

In summary, investors' funds are not directly held by the fund; they can only be used for trading. Participation is free, and the fund only earns when investors make profits. You can deposit and withdraw at any time.


The Forex market is one of the three submarkets of the financial market (money market, credit and capital market, forex market).

  • Trade/exchange of different currencies
  • Turnover of $6 trillion per day
  • Less exposure to uncertain events, due to commonly short times of the open position
  • Profitability isn't determined by the overall market trend.

Performance Statistics

First month days LegacyX trading results:

  • $1,500,000 Total Volume (Assets Under Management)
  • 300 Investors from 12 different countries.
  • 9,58% Profit in the First Month, Results from the past are no guarantee for the future
  • $120,000 Paid in Forex Profits & Affiliate/Downline Commissions to Community
  • Available in almost every country in the world.

See how much LegacyX gained compared to other possible worldwide investments in february.

You can see the difference between „Holding Bitcoin“ on an exchange and „Multiplying Bitcoin“ with LegacyX. The same amount of BTC multiplied instead of just holding on an exchange can lead to a huge difference 🏔️

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Automated Forex Trading

Income opportunities for everyone

  • LegacyX Trading Forex fully Automated 24/5
  • Regulated Trading Strategies on BTC and USD 🔰
  • 3 Years tracked Performance (New one since last month) 📈
  • FSA regulated Broker Registration number 8423950-1 / EU regulated LP (license number 330/17) 🇪🇺
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