The Forex market is one of the three submarkets of the financial market (money market, credit and capital market, forex market).

  • Trade/exchange of different currencies
  • Turnover of $6 trillion per day
  • Less exposure to uncertain events, due to commonly short times of the open position
  • Profitability isn't determined by the overall market trend.
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Performance Statistics

First month days LegacyX trading results:

  • $1,500,000 Total Volume (Assets Under Management)
  • 300 Investors from 12 different countries.
  • 9,58% Profit in the First Month
  • $120,000 Paid in Forex Profits & Affiliate/Downline Commissions to Community
  • Available in almost every country in the world.

See how much LegacyX gained compared to other possible worldwide investments in february.

You can see the difference between „Holding Bitcoin“ on an exchange and „Multiplying Bitcoin“ with LegacyX. The same amount of BTC multiplied instead of just holding on an exchange can lead to a huge difference 🏔️

More Statistics

Automated Forex Trading

  • LegacyX Trading Forex fully Automated 24/5
  • Regulated Trading Strategies on BTC and USD 🔰
  • 3 Years tracked Performance (New one since last month) 📈
  • FSA regulated Broker Registration number 8423950-1 / EU regulated LP (license number 330/17) 🇪🇺

Income opportunities for everyone


Join and enjoy the fully automated Forex trading products. LegacyX trading is fully automated and as a Trader you only have to sit back and relax and watch your portfolio grow.


Share your partnerlink and benefit together with us from new users. You can activate your partner account/login to IB to find your referral link. When they make an account through clicking your link you get some bonus over the profit of their trades. This is paid by LegacyX and there is no downside for the people you bring. That does not mean you have to be an active partner. That is all up to you and this will be explained more in the presentation and on the next page.

Join our community. Chat with other Investors/IB Partners..

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Explaining the system

Profit Share:

LegacyX is financed only by profit sharing: As a customer you keep 64% of profits that our software generates for you. The remaining 36% (30% -> VAT) are so-called "profitshare". This means: No conflict of interest. LegacyX trading system works 24/5 automated. This strategy produces an average of 5-10% passive income every month over your invested capital in Dollar (USD) and/or Bitcoin (BTC) 📈

Network Marketing:

The Trading profit amount is without the 40%+ bonus from your downline/affiliates (network marketing). These are the people you invited through your IB partner link. There are two different profit types:

  1. Rebates
    Forex Rebates get paid to trade. Get a forex cashback for any trade you make by the best Forex Rebates service.
  2. Downline
    40% Profit Gains from your downline. Your ‘downline’ is the new people that you refer to LegacyX (referrals) with your IB Partner account. When people you personally invited into your downline invite other people around them. They become your second line. This Multi Level Marketing system keeps going until line eight and since LegacyX just launched. You can imagine the magnitude. If this keeps going on for a few years, money from your downline flows in from everywhere and maybe somebody in your fifth line becomes very active and recruits hundreds of customers that you will capitalize on.
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